Exam Support

Exam Stress

The following websites provide a wealth of information for students and parents to support them through the exam period:




Useful Websites to explore Mindfulness techniques


Support for Parents


Helping your child with homework and organisation

  • Encourage your child to explain homework tasks to you. Discussing often helps to focus the mind.
  • Praise your child for successfully completing homework tasks.
  • Try to provide your child with a suitable place and the right equipment to do his/her homework.
  • Sign your child’s planner each week.
  • Help with spelling punctuation and grammar.
  • Take an interest in what your child is learning about.
  • Encourage your child to read out loud to you.
  • Reading skills are essential to learning.
  • Help your child to find out information from books, Internet, etc. Be careful not to do the work for him/her!
  • Take an interest in how well he/she did in previous homeworks.


Important Information for Exam Candidates

Welcome to the examinations page for our website which we hope you find useful.

There are copies of both national information and internal information relating to the rules and regulations surrounding examinations. Please ensure you have read all the information relating to the behaviour and rules relating to exams.

Students will find seating plans relating to their examinations on the Exams area of Moodle as and when they are available.

For any specific examination queries please contact:


Any Subject Specific queries should be directed either to the class teacher concerned or the Curriculum Director for that subject.


Collection of Certificate Information

Certificates will be available for collection and signed for on receipt from the Academy’s Exams Office from 8am on Thursday 20th August 2020. Please bring some form of photo ID with you (such as a Driving Licence or Passport).

If you are unable to collect them yourself you can give signed, written authority for someone to collect them on your behalf. They will also need to bring some proof of ID. We regret we cannot post certificates as they require a signature.

If certificates are not collected within twelve months of this date, the Academy can’t guarantee they will be kept.

After collecting your certificates, please keep them in a safe place. Exam Boards can provide replacement confirmation of results achieved, but not necessarily a replacement certificate, and they can charge in the region of £35 for this service.


Year 11 Qualifications & Exam Boards

Please click below to download a list of the qualifications, along with their respective exam boards, that Year 11 study towards. This will help with revision, for example when searching for past papers.